• Cooking / boiling water
  • Taking baths and Showers
  • Heating our homes with Hot water
  • Doing Laundry
  • Having house plants
Recommended Humidity



Inside Relative


32° F40 to 60 %
20° F
30 to 35 %
10° F
25 to 30 %
0° F
20 to 30 %
-10° F
15 to 20 %
-20° F
15 to 20 %

  • Condensation is normal.
  • ​Condensation is the moisture in your home collecting on the cooler glass in  your windows.
  • Condensation will show up more on the extremely cold days and less on warmer days. 

Common causes for humidity in your home.

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What Causes Condensation on Windows

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  • Check the humidity level in your home.
  • After a shower or cooking dinner run the exhaust fans longer to draw the moist air outside.
  • Open your windows for a short time on a warmer day to air out the house. Winter air tends to be dryer and will help lower the amount of moisture in the air.
  • Finally run a Dehumidifier to lower the humidity level.